Jun 8, 2017

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Important Information on Mummy Blogs

Many mummy bloggers treat their blogs as a sort of online diary, which is fine if you’re doing it as a hobby or building an audience to eventually monetize your blog. But your blog is different. Its a promotional tool for your business, or rather, it soon will be! So, your blog MUST be full of fantastic content that people who might want to use your services or buy your products love. Its got to be useful, inspirational and informative. By the end of each post you want to have readers heading to that order form!

Your posts should always be related to your industry. Basically people want you to solve their problems for free. Ironically, the better you do that, the more likely they are to hire or buy from you. Of course that doesn’t mean you giveaway all your best stuff. Just enough to get people thinking: Yeah, I like this, I want more. You can do this with just two simple post formats: The Problem Solver and The Event. So, say I ran a cleaning business, my problem solving posts might include: 5 common reasons your drains get blocked, 3 simple secrets to keeping your drains clean and clear, Why you need to hire a cleaner.

Some event posts might be: Today we’re interviewing talented people to join our top cleaning team! We’re going shopping for the latest and most efficient drain unblocking equipment. When you mention a product or service that you sell, for example a blog critique, always link it to the sales page on your website and end your post with a call to action, either a suggestion that the reader subscribe to your blog, or that they check out your product pages for more information or inspiration!

If you don’t mind paying for your blog and you want the extra reassurance of your own hosting then WordPress.org is the way to go. You simply download the software and sign up to a host (there are lots to choose from on the WordPress.org website). Most hosts do special offers for annual subscriptions and lots of them offer a free domain name too.