Jun 8, 2017

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Mummy Blogs-Fundamentals Explained

Products and/or services-A blog is the perfect place to show off your skills, be they cooking, crafting or copywriting. If youre keen to sell your services then include a portfolio or gallery on your blog along with a way interested buyers can get in touch. If youre a creative crafter with items to sell then feature your work on your blog and set up a link to an online shop where readers can buy products they like. One of my favourite examples of a mummy blogger rockin her design skills is the Happy Loves Rosie blog by Happy Harris. Her blog is the go to destination for Brit chic!

Affiliate schemes-Dont have anything of your own to sell? There are hundreds of businesses out there who pay generous commissions to bloggers who sell their products or services. Sites like Moms Affiliate specialise in connecting mummy bloggers with relevant brands. The key with affiliate schemes is to always consider your readers. Only ever go with what you are 100% sure they will love. Start promoting bank accounts on a blog about cooking and your subscriber numbers will plummet like a proverbial Titanic. And that pretty much sums it up!

Write epic, inspiring content, build a loyal readership and market yourself skilfully and your blog has the potential to make you a real income. Of course well cover all that, and go into more detail on each of the potential revenue channels above very soon. Remember, success has found hundreds of mummy bloggers already and it can find you.